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his mother got married 13 and was illiterate. but he ended up going to yale and becoming a brain surgeon. he and his wife have one the carson's scholar's fund giving mill experience for people to go to college. >> chris: why do you think the speech struck such a nerve? >> the average american wants a nation of for of and by the people and not for of and by the government. >> as for the critics? >> they weren't listening. they want to criticize anything they don't agree with. >> chris: he doesn't think he good president because he is too blunt, he says, he isn't freeway afraid of any charge. >> do you have any qualms in the fact you were lecturing the president of the united states while he just had to sit there? >> you know, i serve god and my
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purpose is to please him. if that before you, who can be against you. >> chris: you may want to keep him on the political radar. he retiring this june, so he is going to need something to do. now this program note. next sunday we'll have the first interview with mitt and ann romney since the election. we'll ask him about the campaign and how they dealt the defeat and what governor romney thinks of president obama's second term agenda. it's an exclusive interview. that is it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> this is a fox report.
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tonight, jimmie johnson wins the daytona 500 and an amazing day for nascar's first lady of racing, too. and all eyes on the vatican on this sunday. as a huge crowd displays an outpouring of love and admiration for the retiring pontiff. pope benedict xvi, sunday's final blessing as leader of 1.2 billion catholics, and worshippers packing st. peter's square as they prepare for the transition. in the next minute, the pontiff's word to the world. and a bombshell admission from the family of blade runner oscar pistorius, he's up on murder charges and now a family member facing charges for the death of a different woman. fox reports, the new developments on the legal firestorm surrounding the olympic star. and this bartender fired for trying to do what she says was
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the right thing. >> and simply had a very drunk person leaving the bar, he's going to kill someone. but she lost her job anyway. why? >> i'm harris falkner, first tonight on the fox report, the great american race. the daytona 500 is in the record books. the day began with a series of firsts for nascar racing and ended with a familiar name-- >> for the second time the daytona 500 goes to jimmie johnson, five-time champion. >> harris: jimmie johnson and danica patrick was third entering the final lap, but faded into a flurry of action, she still has the best finish ever by a woman. and this time last night as you know on fox report, the story of tragedy unfolding on the same track more than 30 people were hurt when a car flew na the safety fencing, sending debris into the
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crowded stand. rick reichmuth has been atdy tone na and rick, what a finish today. >> when you think of the spectacle of yesterday finish of the race and the dramatic crash and compare it to today's race, nothing like that. today's race was very calm. mostly racing in a single file and everybody waiting for the last moment, but a few very interesting things, danica patrick in the top ten, the first woman to lead a lap, and led for five laps. and hung in there. going into the last lap, she had third place and that kind of tension of the potential woman winning the daytona 500 the first time and incredible race. however, jimmie johnson coming in with the win and some could say a little unexpected he hasn't had a great lap two years, but been here before and won in 2006, a sprint cup winner five years in a row
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from 2005, to 2010. incredible racer and the other big story from the race, they debuted a new car again this year, hadn't debuted a new car since 2007 and there was a lot of talk of how would the cars race. and the end and all the press conferences afterwards and they're happy with how the cars handled and excited to get more of the season underway to test the car out as well. harris. >> well, you talk about the rest the of the season. what we saw yesterday was the kickoff for the nationwide series. that's that final lap that ened in a crash yesterday and nascar officials had to do some work to get in race on today. >> oh, you said it, they've finished repairing the fence last night around 2 a.m., but they got the fence replaced, but we didn't know last night at the time was that the car had crashed right into where there's an opening in the fence. it allows people to get onto the track before the race and after the race, maybe a little bit of after weakening spot. they were able to repair the fence, but they felt the fence
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was likely stronger today than yesterday and many fans given the option if they didn't feel comfortable in that spot they could be moved elsewhere, most of the fans are happy to sit exactly where they were and the latest on the people hospitalized all, but two had been released and two still in the hospital and we do know that their injuries which had been critical one of which was life threatening, they've been stabilized and good news in daytona. >> that's fabulous news and i know among the most serious was a child in all of that and to hear about that medical upgrade is reassuring at this hour, rick reichmuth live from daytona today. we turn overseas with an estimated 100,000 people on hand for an emotional day at the vatican. pope benedict xvi, gave his final public blessing from his apartment window, before his resignation this week, and the pope appeared energized by the outpouring of love and support and st. peters square, he
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smiled and thanked the crowd. >> many expressions of gratitude, affection and closeness and-- >> pope benedict officially steps down this thursday, that will be start of a process for the catholic church which must now replace the retiring pope for the first time we've seen one retire in 600 years and pope benedict says he will have no say in that process known as a conclave which will select his successor. startling new developments involving superstar runner oscar pistorius. as we've been reported, accused of killing his model girlfriend. prosecutors say premeditated murder. he's out on bail. and new we're learning his mother carl pistorius is is in deep trouble. charged with culpable homicide in a traffic accident that left a woman dead five years ago. the two case are unrelated and
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more stress and pressure on the pistorius family and the story gets more bizarre on the hour it seems. and greg palkot with more on the city of pretoria. >> another twist in the murder case of oscar pistorius. a lawyer from the family confirming to me that his brother carl is now charged with what's called here culpable homicide, that's defined as negligent killing without intent. equivalent to involuntary manslaughter. the incident happened in 2008 and police say he drove his car recklessly into a woman motorcyclist and killed her. that lawyer told me she ran into him. bizarrely called the story the first trial date was set to be last thursday and that's one of the days his brother was in the dock for allegedly killing reeva steenkamp. the probe into the murder that would involve oscar pistorius reportedly in high gear, forensic and ballistic records analyzed and cell phone
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records and always results being scanned as we're told oscar pistorius remains at his uncle's luxurious house, part of the a bail arrangement. and according to his uncle, it's living hell for oscar and finally we're heard today from the family of the family that reeva steenkamp stayed with in this area and her own family 600 miles away. in ain't view with a local newspaper he says he got an sms message from her the night she was killed. it said and i quote, hi, guys, i'm too tired and too far to drive. i'm sleeping at oscar's tonight. see you tomorrow. the message from this man to oscar and i'm quoting here, rot in hell, harris. >> harris: can serious for syria to kill so many of its citizens. on john kerry touched down in
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london today the first stop on a journey that will take him to four european capital cities and several middle easternmations in the upcoming week, and we're learned a planned meeting in rome with serious opposition counsel may not be in jeopardy over u.s. efforts to keep counsel members ties out of the meetings. diplomatic efforts to persuade counsel to rethink its position and meet with secretary kerry. we'll let now what happens of course. afghanistan is kicking u.s. special forces out after key area and a war there. the word, that order coming from president hamid karzai following reports that people in the eastern province are tortured and murdered. the alleged crime is blamed on a group of armed afghans with possible ties to u.s. forces, special forces. karzai a giving the military two to clear out region. and counter insurgency operations inside of afghanistan, a strategically
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vital part of the country. and u.s. administration says they're not behind the forces and innocent civilians. a second major storm prompt ago blizzard watch for parts of the plains. more than a foot of snow possible in some places. details of who will get hit hardest in this latest round and where it will head next. and also, word now former republican presidential nominee, mitt romney is about to sit down for his first post election interview. details on the exclusive interview you won't want to miss. also, police identifying the person they say is responsible for that deadly day on the las vegas strip. we showed you this on fox news channel as it was unfolding. now, investigators are blaming a gun battle and chain reaction crash on one suspect. stay close. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> police now blame a prime suspect in deadly shooting and crash on thelation strip that prompted a multi-state manhunt. oscar harris, investigators say his location is unknown and police finding the black range rover sport car or sport s.u.v. i should say used in the get away as a getaway car a few blocks from where the violent conflict took place at some of the city's best resorts and wanted in connection to two to three deaths, rather, including an aspiring rapper gunned down in his maserati. two others inside a taxi cab and caught up in the whole thing. criminal record includes arrest on kidnapping, sexual assault and other charges. now to the budget stalemate in washington. with 85 billion dollars in across the board spending cuts
4:16 pm
that start kicking in later this week, march 1st, friday. both republicans and democrats appear to be digging in for a long fight. the sequester, as it's known, or sequestration, is being billed by some lawmakers as drastic and dangerous and white house officials and even president obama says they're warning of possible layoffs and negative economic impacts as a result. however, many republicans in congress called the warnings overblown. either way it appears that barring a 11th hour deal the cuts will happen. steve centanni live with more. steve? >> harris, you know, the obama administration rolled out top officials today to highlight the problems these budget cuts might cause. and one high profile republican governor of louisiana, bobby jindal, responded this way. >> if he thinks this did he have states the military and air traffic control, really devastate meat inspections and they rolled out the political debate. cutting less than 3% of the
4:17 pm
budgets, these awful consequences and here is his chance to see how we do it better. >> the president has not convened high level negotiations to head of off the cut which both sides agree could be harmful to the economy. but he did offer concrete examination of what could happen ap making the key cabinet positions available on the sunday morning talk show. >> in the end there has to be some kind of furlough of air traffic control, air traffic contollers and that then will also begin to curtail or eliminate the opportunity for them to guide planes in and out of airports. >> just means a lot more children will not get the kinds of services and opportunities they need and 40,000 teachers could lose their jobs. >> and each side accusing the other of playing politics, and they want to blame the republicans for economic damage and democrats say the republicans want to hurt the economy to prevent the president from taking credit for recovery. if nothing is done, the cuts
4:18 pm
take effect march 1st, harris. >> and as some americans might say, deja vu all over again with this fight, steve. keep us apprised of what's happening, thank you very much. by the way, fox news sunday's chris wallace will have the first post election interview with former republican presidential nominee mitt romney and his wife ann. chris says he will ask governor romney how he has dealt with november's seat and what he thought about president obama's second term agenda. the interview will air one week on fox news channel. 2 p.m. eastern and then again 6 p.m. eastern just before a fox report. and you can check your local listings before it's airing on fox in your area. and u.s. national security at risk. china believed to be originate from inside the building in shanghai targeting government agencies alike and here is the building. new reaction from lawmakers inside washington how they're going to stop it.
4:19 pm
>> and it is hollywood's big night, as you know, all the glamour, glitz of the oscar on full display in l.a., and dominique di-natale in l.a. and looking at you sharp in your tuxedo, dominic, or dom. >> and it's dom, you can call me dom. and join me as kathleen seta jones and michael douglas is behind me, and the red carpet a bliming with celebrities and the red carpet in just a moment, harris. why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices. is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology
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♪ >> wow. right now, you are looking live at hollywood's biggest
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stars as they are arriving at dolby theater in los angeles for the 85th academy awards and dominic di-natale or i'll calling him this hour super cool on the red carpet, dom. now shall i understand you're there with one of the nominees, i don't want to delay. can we get sally field to turn around in her gorgeous red dress. >> you look gorgeous. and emanuel is here. you have a nomination yourself. >> yes. >> what does it feel like to be nominated. >> phenomenal, it's a great, great honor and most particularly, because i have the privilege of being a part of a film that i think is a master piece, which is "lincoln". >> do you think you'll actually win tonight? >> i have no idea and it doesn't really matter. what matters is that, i worked-- i'm thrilled at the recognition altogether, that i
4:24 pm
have received, and who knows, you know, it is what it is, and ultimately, it's okay either way. >> lincoln was one of the landmark movies of this year, do you think that's going to win? >> i have no idea. i don't know. who knows? >> and the what was it like to work with daniel day-lewis, he seems to be in the best man lead. >> and he's a gift. a gift to every actor who has the privilege of working with him. certainly, it will be one of the most premiered times of my life. >> incredible stuff. >> don't let her walk away, ask her who she's wearing. >> quick question, we want to know what you're wearing, who you're wearing, rather. >> mr. valentino, mr. valentino arrived. >> you looked gorgeous, have a wonderful evening. >> excellent, thank you. >> and they're still pouring in and the show starts, well, in about an hour's time. >> she is so incredibly humble
4:25 pm
maedzing and she's won a couple of these things. >> really down to earth and she knows about it it, i understand while we were in the commercial break, you were rubbing elbows with kathleen zeta jones, ask her what she's going to sing, apparently she's going to sing tonight. >> the whole musical number we're going to see tonight is incredible. and a moment ago adele went past and she had the main song for skyfall and she's going to be singing as well. another highlight and i think it's going to be a music cal spectacular and going to be extra special. >> all right. have you seen anything in terms of the dresses there that have really, dresses and tuxes that have kind of got everybody talking? >> jessica chastain, armani, metallic peach kind of effects to it, she looked absolutely gorgeous and stunning and went with her national colors and
4:26 pm
lovely light red hair and glowingly gorgeous and she was right here, and hidden now, and it's absolutely incredible and you'll see them in the press tomorrow morning, and jessica chastain. >> lots of screaming, somebody is coming, i love the valentino, that sally is wearing. if you snag anybody else, we'll come back live and we have the flexibility in the next couple of minutes. and dom i get to call you now, out on the red carpet, never seen you get so excited about anything. it's fun. >> i love, love hollywood, fantastic so thrilling to be here. >> harris: i think it loves you back, thank you. boy, i tell you, it's hot on the red carpet, but we've got something very cold headed through the midwest now. a fox extreme weather alert. some parts of the nation just walloped with snow, can soon expect a whole lot more. maria molina is standing by in the fox weather center with
4:27 pm
more. >> hi, harris, good to see you, that's right, we're talking about another winter storm for places across new england, we could be looking at anywhere up to a foot of snow across the interior sections of southern new england and also, we're going to start to see a brand new system across portions of the center of the country where you can see easily over an a foot of snow and blizzard warnings in effect and kansas and more coming up after the break. [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it.
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>> dom snagged another hot celebrity on the red cart. take it away. >> it's naomi and her husband liam schriver. >> and incredible movie and performance for you, and how do you feel about the nomination? >> it's very exciting and great to finally be here, you know, it's been a couple of months leading up to it. >> and dress definitely sparkling, who made it, who are you wearing? >> armani and neil lane. >> we have to go, unfortunately. best the luck tonight. good to see you, take care, bye-bye. >> harris, back to you, live from the red carpet in hollywood. >> the true star for you tonight is you, thank you so much. >> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. time for the top of the news and here we go again, 200 flights already canceled in denver as yet another winter storm marches across the
4:32 pm
country and plains states could see a foot of snow and the last bout of severe weather and maria molina is in the center. >> and we're tracking that across the rockies and the central plains, as we head into tomorrow and also into your tuesday and i quickly want to mention we had another winter storm, passing the interior new england region and talking between six to 12 inches of snow and some places already regarding that in place ins new hampshire and southern areas in maine. blizzard warnings in effect across oklahoma, texas panhandle and we're not just talking about significant snowfall cumulation, but strong winds, gusting up to 30 miles per hour and the times could produce blizzard conditions and white-out conditions and later on the day in monday to the overnight hours and also to your tuesday. on the southern side of the system where the temperatures are very warm, we actually have a severe weather risk with tornados, damaging wind gusts and large hail, across
4:33 pm
central texas and tomorrow, eastern portions of texas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama all the way into southern sections of georgia. so very widespread area could be looking at severe weather in the the form of thunderstorms. and a springtime system when snow and severe weather and flooding is going to be a concern as well in the work week across the southeast because some of the storms will be producing some very heavy rains and we'll keep an eye on that and otherwise, harris, again, heavy snow expected to exceed a foot of it across the texas panhandle and oklahoma and southern kansas. >> all right, you're watching of course maria molina, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> congratulations to jimmie johnson, he won for the second time of his career at daytona 500 and also congratulations to danica patrick, finished 8th the highest ever for a woman at that historic events and that's one of the first two that she accomplished today. and peter schrader is here, on
4:34 pm
a celebrity note you've seen naomi and liam schriver walking around the neighborhoods. >> and that armani-- >> oh, my gosh. and danica patrick took the pole position, but fell out of it quickly, but jimmie johnson was the winner. >> and danica patrick, the first woman ever to lead a lap at daytona, falls back, 8th place. that's fine and a lot of people thought she has pole position and see how she completes against some of the best drivers and danica patrick did fantastic and is here to stay and number ten car did excellent. >> harris: awesome, i love that inside shot and people know i love racing and i watched a lot of that today. big question though after yesterday's nationwide, that final lap, that horrible crash, 30 people injured, we learned tonight on fox report
4:35 pm
just a couple of people that they're working on in serious condition, but a lot of upgrades in medical condition, so that's good news tonight, but they had a lot to do to make that track safe today. >> up until 2, 3 in the morning repairing that and this morning, the news out of the nascar world was that all people were given the options everywhere else on the track if they didn't feel comfortable. however, people still sat there and kept the seats. after this race they'll visit the safety concern and crash methods and check that out in 2009 carl edwards had a similar crash, nine people were left injured and they'll work it out and it's a hot topic and what are they going to do and we'll he see the discussions because that's not what anyone wants. >> i made some phone calls on the story and one the of the things i was told the police where this happened was reenforcement of the fence line was probably the safest place to be on the track today because of all the things that they did. >> absolutely, put up an entirely new fence, entire wall and it was a safe barrier, some fans were the
4:36 pm
not comfortable after what they saw the night before. >> let's talk golf now, amazing in scottsdale to see snow falling, they had to halt play, delay play and then it went on. look the at the video, seriously, this looks like ohio. this is arizona and finally a couple of days ago, things thaw out. today was piercingly windy. >> yeah, horrendous golf conditionsen. >> he's wearing a skull cap. >> he's very good in these conditions and won before. and an upset of sorts and kutcher has been around golf and hasn't won a major, but now he's kind of one of the early favorites for the masters because he's playing very well and came in the same time as tiger, two young americans and tiger took the high road and went on his path and now kuchar could be the better golfer. >> 1970's hat. >> love it.
4:37 pm
the graduate and-- >> the hooded skull cap and says armani and-- >> that's not armani, it doesn't have any sequins on it. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> harris: new reaction from lawmakers the growing cyber threat emerging from china. coming from there and american cyber security company linking china's military directly to a series of hack attacks on american companies and infrastructure and even our government. >> peter doocy with the news from washington. >> harris, china is targeting the united states with cyber attacks every single day and getting worse. according to the chairman of the house committee rogers, right now he says there's no consequence for it. they use their military and intelligence structure to steal intellectual problem from european and asian businesses and repurpose it and against the united states. >> and rogers wants to start
4:38 pm
indicting what he calls bad actors and preventing the cyber thieves, and as we were told obama put the chinese on notice. >> we have repeatedly raised our concerns at the highest level about cyber theft. with the chinese official, including in the military and we will continue to do so. >> democratic congressman elliott engle says that the white house with has acted appropriately so far, but added they can always do more. >> i think we have to make it clear if they're going to do it the to the extent they're doing it, it's the price to pay. i was in beijing with the chairman, congressman roy, and we raised this with the chinese, and top chinese officials and they just let it roll off their back. >> the american security firm published 60 pages of evidence that they say pinpoints china's hacking headquarters to a 12 story building in shanghai, but they say it's irresponsible to blame them
4:39 pm
when hacking is an international problem. harris? >> peter, thank you. from cuba now signaling a possible change in its political future. the nation's parliament has given raul castro a five year term and he intends to resign the end of 2018. saying it's time to transfer power to a younger general rakes, and the man hikely to inherit is a rising star, he's been tapped to serve as castro's first vice-president and it would be the first time that someone who did not directly participate in the 1959 cuban revolution has been given such an important role. a man's garage explodes and takes out homes in his neighborhood. our top story sass we go around the world in 80 seconds. vietnam, a pyro technician was preparing fire and smoke effects for a local movie,
4:40 pm
using the teerlgs in his gara-- materials in his garage. it of set off homes, and six people died. australia, a new warning to keep safe coming from the country's prime minister after at least two people died following heavy rain in new south wales. >> the storm came through and just ripped and wind to shreds and i rolled over and-- and all over. >> harris: the latest deluge weeks after a tropical cyclone pounded parts of the same area. south korea, reformers and security details, busy makeling fin making final preparations, and the nation's first woman president. >> taiwan, a spectacular dismay of lights marking the
4:41 pm
end of the lunar holiday. the giant snake-shaped lantern as the center piece for the festival in taipei. hundreds of people releasing small lanterns in, hoping they will bring it it in the coming year. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> a frightening end to what was supposed to be a fun flight. how a plane ended like this, that's upside down in case you can't see it clearly. >> two women staring down the barrel after gun. well, what would you do? . [ dad ] find ? a. alright, another one just like that. right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... [ male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagen passat. pa down something he will be grateful for.
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4:45 pm
biscayne, they ended up here, it's not clear whether or not that was an attempted emergency landing or if they actually crashed. the state department now joining the search for a company who mysteriously vanished in peru. garrett and jamie left california in november for a cycling trip in south america. and sent in late january the updates stopped. the two boarded a bus for the capital city of lima and have not been heard from since. molly line with more. >> they're hoping the couple is in an area too remote for contact and last week decided to get the u.s. embassy involved in the hunt without a month hearing from them. jamie neil and garrett hann both 25 years old. kept in touch facebook, shots of travels through argentina and chile. january 25th headed from the
4:46 pm
historic town to the capital city of lima, then, everything went dark. the family has created a facebook page to help find the couple and says there's been no further phone, social media or financial activity since last month. the last time they were scene was exiting the bus in lima and getting into a taxi. >> what do you think could have happened since then, do you know? >> i hope that she's just having a blast. and they're doing what they went to do, you know? >> in mid february, the u.s. embassy in peru issued a warning to u.s. citizen posting on the agency's website the embassy received information that members of a criminal organization may be planning to kidnap u.s. citizen tourist in these areas, and possible targets and methods are not known and the threat is credible at least through the end of february 2013. the u.s. embassy posted an update is a that's family members have informed them the couple may have planned to cover to a river city in
4:47 pm
eastern peru. and u.s. authorities and lima, are working to couple family members up-to-date on the search. >> harris: thank you, a limo bur bus carrying a wedding party bursts into flames. california, passengers inside that limo say they began smelling smoke and called 911 and of course, quickly got out of the limo. by the time san diego firefighters arrived, the party bus was engulfed in flames. nobody hurt, the driver thinking fast went back into the burning limo to save the bride's dress. no word what caused the fire. louisiana, caught on tape. a man pulls a gun on a clerk at a grocery store outside of baton rouge. >> give me your money or i'll shoot you. >> the clip fell out of the gun, and she wrestled with
4:48 pm
them until her sister pulled them apart. >> i don't know what i was thinking. >> he took off running and police say three suspects, arrested two and the other remained at large. >> illinois, chaos at a shopping mall in chicago. hundreds of teenagers fighting and destroying property. police arresting 19 of them, but they were outnumbered and witnesses say one police managed to close the mall, but the violenc >> they busted a lady's windshield out of the back of her car and knocked rear view mirrors off and throwing snow at the police and what they were doing this. >> two people hurt, including a bus driver who was hit by a rock. florida, after a long recovery, big bell the giant turtle back where she belongs. she's 214 pounds, loggerhead sea turtle. she was dying when they found her in november. and now thanks to a special team she's set free on a beach
4:49 pm
near tampa. >> it's an amazing experience, and each one matters and they come through the process near death and watch them do what they do, it's amazing a special day. >> harris: swim, he will bell, swim! that's a fox watch across america. a day of giving and a town that lost so much. today officials in newtown, connecticut holding a community give away, distributing thousands of gifts sent to the town after the massacre in sandy hook, elementary school. teddy bears, dolls, games, school supplies pouring in across the country after a gunman killed 20 to years and staff members. and those items are going to the families of the children in sandy hook. >> and it was our thought to show them and what's out there and what we received. >> community leaders say they give the items to give a little bit of joy to people in
4:50 pm
the community hit so hard by grief. well, a bartender fired for doing what she thought was the right thing. when she called police on a customer. her boss let her go. why?
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
>> they say no good deed goes unpunished. and you be the judge on this. an ohio bartender was fired for doing what she thought was right. she was working at the american legion post when she called police about a customer and she said he had too much to drink. after that twyla had sobering news from her boss. >> he said i'm going to have
4:54 pm
to fire you, because we have a bartender who called the cops. >> and here is somebody who tried to do something right and end up punished for it. >> and police say the customer drank twice the legal limit and no condition to drive and other former boss says while they are actions were noble. his bar would be empty if every driver had to worry about the police waiting outside for them. as for twyla, she stands by what she did. >> and one of europe's economy, among those casting a ballot, prime minister and now candidate silvio berlusconi, he wants his job back despite being ousted amid a sex scandal and severe debt crisis. amy kellogg with more. >> reporter: nothing seems to destroy berlusconi, not his conviction for fraud. not his ongoing trial for alleged sex with an underage
4:55 pm
prostitute. not the woman from experience and put in local and national parliaments, not even a recent comment that the late fashion dictator mussolini did many good things for the country. what is it about berlusconi. >> the thing about berlusconi, he doesn't want to change now. a lot of politicians have been wanting to change italians, but they're telling italians, look, you're good just as you are. and this is something that italians love. >> and not all italians. >> i think he wants to be in politics, to escape his judicial problems. >> berlusconi presided over years of decline and with rome on the fiscal edge, he's looking for voters to refund the property tax they have just had to pay if he gets back to power. and with tv appearances with high drama he deflects accusations against him turning the tables on him
4:56 pm
making them out to be the dirty once. so dirty he feels the need to wipe their chairs off. plenty of italian don't trust politicians and to an extent berlusconi's political incorrectness works. the anti-politician behavior clearly charms some and there hasn't been much choice in italy over the last few decades. >> even though his popularity for a very many people feel he's-- and berlusconi made guns in recent polls and he was trailing the front runner, former communist and now democratic parliament leader, but as many as one third of voters are still said to be undecided. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> harris: new policy coming out of washington d.c. could offer proof that crime really does pay, at least when it comes to finding a job. stay with us. ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus.
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